Review : Facial Vaser Liposuction

“Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Beauty brings more than half of success’? Hello, everyone, it’s Khun Moowhan. Nowadays, I work as an influencer, attend events as an actress, and even do some modeling. As you can see, my profession revolves around working through the camera, so I need to be at my best in every angle. Having a well-defined facial structure is a must in my line of work.”

Why did I decide to undergo facial Vaser liposuction?

I decided to undergo facial Vaser liposuction because I was bothered by my chubby cheeks, round face, and lack of well-defined facial structure, particularly noticeable on camera. Previous attempts with facial fillers hadn’t produced the desired outcome. The tipping point came when a camera director commented on my chubby cheeks, denting my confidence. I knew I needed a transformation to regain self-assurance.

My journey led me to La Ferry Clinic, where I received expert advice during the consultation, providing me with peace of mind. Knowing that some friends had achieved clear results through procedures here solidified my decision to undergo the procedure.

Were you anxious before undergoing facial Vaser liposuction?

Anxiety is a natural response before facial Vaser liposuction. I had concerns about pain, its effectiveness in reducing my chubby cheeks, and achieving a more defined facial structure. Being my first surgery, I wondered how noticeable the results would be. Thankfully, I had a supportive doctor and team who encouraged me. Despite initial anxiety, my desire for beauty pushed me forward, and I knew I couldn’t delay the decision any longer.

How did things go after facial Vaser liposuction?

When I woke up and looked in the mirror, I felt incredibly satisfied. Right after the procedure, my cheeks noticeably reduced in volume, and the results were crystal clear. As for the pain, it was bearable, and it wasn’t as scary as I had initially thought. Most importantly, the incisions were very small, which put my mind at ease. Initially, I was worried about having visible scars on my face, but when I saw the incisions, they were tiny, like the size of pimples.

After that, I used a face compression garment for about a month, and my chubby cheeks disappeared completely. My facial structure became well-defined, and my skin felt much tighter. I could go about my daily life as usual, and the best part is that I didn’t have to worry about it at all.

How did facial Vaser liposuction change my life?

Someone from the photography team once said to me, ‘You’ve slimmed down,’ and I was quite surprised. Haha! I hadn’t been exercising, and my weight was the same. Just the reduction in my facial volume made me appear slimmer. What’s even more wonderful is that when the chubby cheeks disappeared, my jawline became more defined immediately.

This made my face look V-shaped and slender. As a result, I started getting more job offers, and I could confidently face the camera from any angle without worrying about hiding my chubby cheeks.

I’d like to say something to those who are considering facial Vaser liposuction:

For those who are thinking about it or on the verge of deciding, I want to say, ‘Go ahead and do it.’ Honestly, I had never considered surgery or facial Vaser liposuction before. I spent money and time on facial fillers and had been doing it for a long time. It required frequent sessions, and the results were minimal compared to what I achieved by removing the fat altogether. Whether the fat accumulation is due to diet or genetics, wouldn’t it be better to remove it in one go, free yourself from worry, and enjoy lasting beauty? I want to express my gratitude to La Ferre Clinic for restoring my confidence.

This message encourages those considering facial Vaser liposuction to go ahead with the procedure, emphasizing the benefits of a one-time solution for lasting beauty and confidence.

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