Review : Fat Grafting, by Khun Baifern

Khun Baifern Sirilak Boripass – A talented programmer and a well-known influencer on Instagram, who is passionate about scuba diving and all kinds of extreme activities. Standing tall at 170 cm and weighing just 45 kg, she maintains a slender figure. However, she decided to address her concerns about her thin face by opting for a facial fat grafting procedure, a method she researched thoroughly and is now confident that it is 100% safe. Currently, it has been a year since she underwent the facial fat grafting procedure.

What was the starting point that led to the decision to undergo facial fat grafting?

The decision to undergo facial fat grafting originated from my naturally thin physique since childhood. Regardless of how much I ate, my weight remained unchanged, affecting my facial appearance. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed thin cheeks, prominent cheekbones, a flat forehead, and deep under-eye circles. During one makeup session, the artist had to use multiple products to create dimension and a fuller look. This experience led me to consider facial fat grafting to address these concerns.

Before adding fat to look young Which method did you choose to solve the problem before?

I initially opted for dermal fillers, a popular choice for addressing similar concerns. Many clinics recommended this approach, and I tried various brands. However, I found that dermal fillers had limited longevity, typically lasting only 1-2 years at most. Additionally, achieving the desired level of improvement required using a significant amount of filler, which became costly over time.

Did it take a long time to make the decision?

Actually, it didn’t take very long at all. I spent about 3 days researching before deciding to undergo facial fat grafting with Dr. Kim. This is because I found information that convinced me: the fat used for grafting would be my own, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions or foreign substances in my body. Also, Dr. Kim’s clinic had an excellent reputation in facial fat grafting. She had direct training in South Korea, which made me very confident in her expertise.

Sharing the Experience of My Child’s Facial Fat Grafting Day

I have to admit that on the day my child was scheduled for facial fat grafting, Fern was incredibly excited. It was another surgery in her life, and she eagerly looked forward to it. On that day, I accompanied her alone because my friend couldn’t make it due to work commitments.

While I was en route in a taxi, I received multiple calls from the clinic staff, as Fern had informed them that she was traveling alone. I was genuinely impressed by their attentiveness and care.

How did you feel before entering the operating room?

It was extremely relaxed and at ease. There were nurses and staff members available to assist her throughout. They walked her to the operating room, engaged in friendly conversation, and made her feel comfortable until it was time to go into the surgical suite. The atmosphere both outside and inside the operating room was very calming. There was music playing, and Fern felt completely at ease throughout the procedure

Yes, I was a bit surprised because I could feel that my face was quite swollen. However, it wasn’t so swollen that I couldn’t recognize myself at all. Before the surgery, the doctor explained that they would initially overfill the fat because only about 30-40% of the injected fat would remain on the face. Over time, it would gradually settle in.

After the facial fat grafting procedure, how many days did it take for you to recover?

Baifern took one day to rest and was able to leave home on the second day, experiencing minimal pain and manageable tightness at the fat removal site. She resumed her daily activities, including eating. Her face remained swollen initially, but by the third day, she returned to work. Notable bruising appeared on the fourth day, which she could conceal with makeup. After a week, Fern returned to the clinic for stitches removal.

After the facial fat grafting procedure, there were noticeable changes?

Baifern posted pictures of herself when she returned to work, and it was evident that she started getting a lot more clients. This was because her facial structure had transformed, making her look younger and more charming. She could also adapt to various products and styles. People who knew her kept sending her direct messages, asking what she had done to look younger. Photographers, makeup artists, and even colleagues at the office admired her new look. The deep lines and contours on her face that she used to have were now gone. It felt like she had a fresh start, and she was grateful to the doctor for the transformation.

Does facial fat grafting affect your ability to maintain an active lifestyle and participate in extreme activities?

At first, when Fern was researching facial fat grafting, she worried about the impact on her ability to engage in strenuous physical activities, which she enjoys. Many of her favorite activities demand significant physical effort. However, after approximately a month, Fern discovered that she could seamlessly resume her active lifestyle. She returned to activities such as diving, golfing, rock climbing, and surfing, and the grafted fat remained undisturbed.

How to take care of myself after getting a baby face fat grafting?

I followed the doctor’s recommendations diligently, which included not losing weight and avoiding strenuous exercise in the initial period. I chose to consume foods that promote healthy fats.

Luckily, I already enjoyed eating salmon and almonds, so I incorporated these into my diet frequently. For other meals, I continued with my regular diet. I also avoided pickled foods during the early stages when the wounds hadn’t healed completely.

What’s essential to mention is that I had iCell, Botox, and PRP injections as well. It’s been a year since the baby face fat grafting, and the fat is still holding up perfectly without any issues

What would you like to say to people considering baby face fat grafting?

For those who are facing the same concerns as I did, I want to emphasize that you shouldn’t let this issue undermine your self-confidence. Facial fat grafting can genuinely address this concern. With proper care, the fat can last for up to 7 years without the need for frequent injections or extra expenses. However, before deciding to undergo the procedure, I recommend thoroughly researching information on facial fat grafting, including clinic standards and the experience of the doctors you choose. True beauty can stay with us for a long time, so make your decision wisely.

Khun Baifern Sirilak Boripass – A talented programmer and a well-known influencer on Instagram, who is passionate about scuba diving and all kinds of extreme activities.

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