Review : Labiaplasty by Khun Ann

Khun Ann underwent the ‘Repair Levie’ service with Dr. Pree, a renowned obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in common women’s issues. These issues are significant and should not be ignored. Ms. Ann, like many, had struggled with them, impacting her quality of life. Thus, she pursued a comprehensive solution, aiming for holistic beauty, both inside and out, at La Ferley Clinic.

Before undergoing a hidden charm surgery?

facing two main issues. First, you have a problem with a loose vaginal canal that affects your confidence and comfort during intimate activities with your partner. Second, you have an issue with labial protrusion (labia minora) which causes discomfort and irritation during daily activities, especially when wearing tight-fitting clothing. These two concerns have been bothering you, particularly during your menstrual cycle. It’s important to address these issues to improve your overall well-being and self-confidence.

Discussing these concerns with a qualified medical professional, like a gynecologist or a plastic surgeon specializing in such procedures, is advisable. They can evaluate your specific situation and provide guidance on potential treatments or surgical options to address these problems and help you regain your comfort and confidence.

Have you studied the information before doing it? Before doing it, Ann studied and looked for information in many places. both hospitals and clinics Is there anywhere that can solve the problem? Where are there good doctors? and is reliable Because I personally think that the matter of hidden areas is very delicate, Ann must take special care and attention. Ann is most concerned about safety. So Ann spent quite a long time studying. Study the information until you are confident.

Why did you decide to take care of your hidden areas at La Ferly Clinic?

The first thing that Ann decided was to choose La Furly Clinic because the doctor who treated her was a gynecologist who was a specialist in gynecology. Ann saw reviews from other patients, including the doctor’s work, expertise, and experience. It made Ann feel more confident. So Ann decided to come in and consult with the doctor before treatment. The doctor is very kind.

Before receiving treatment, did you feel afraid and worried?

Ann was afraid. and very excited Want to change I really want to solve my sister’s problem. For Ann, the word surgery seems scary. But after studying the information and asking the doctor. The doctor informed me that it was just a minor surgery. It takes a few minutes to do. No need for anesthesia. The doctor also said that it would not hurt. Able to get up and walk normally And you can go home immediately after the procedure. When Ann heard this, it relieved a lot of her worries.

During hidden spot surgery, is it painful? The feeling of actually doing it. To be honest, it didn’t hurt like I thought. For anyone who is afraid, don’t worry. The nurses here take very good care of you. The doctor only takes a few minutes to do it. In Ann’s case, it took less than half an hour to complete. You can go home immediately. Ann only felt it when the doctor injected the anesthetic. After that, I lay down and played on my phone while doing it, just chilling. I realized again when I heard the doctor’s voice saying it was finished. It passed very quickly and didn’t hurt at all.

What would you like to say to people who are still shy and don’t dare talk about their hidden problems?

Personally, Ann views that we are women Hidden areas are the matters that we need to take care of the most. We have to take care of it both from the inside and outside. Many people have problems but don’t dare come in. Which Ann sees these things It’s very normal. I want you to try opening your mind. Come see the doctor. It really solves the problem. It’s better than having to endure losing your life to the problems we have to face.”

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