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The starting point of Group’s journey into the world of lip fillers began with the opportunity to participate in the Miss Grand Chanthaburi pageant. Group had to take photos and use their face. However, upon seeing the photos, they realized that their face had nothing outstanding, it looked flat. Looking at their fellow contestants, they thought, ‘Wow, their lips are so prominent,’ to the point that they couldn’t stop looking at their lips. When the photos were taken, it was clear that they needed to do something. So, Group started researching about lip filler injections again because they had a previous bad experience with lip fillers. Eventually, they came across La Ferly Clinic.

Group had a bad experience with lip fillers in the past. They went to a clinic, and after getting the filler, they realized that their lower lip looked enlarged with distinct cherry-like lumps. When they saw themselves in photos, it looked unusual and not the way they had expected. They initially thought the swelling would subside, but it didn’t. The cherry-like lumps on their lower lip remained prominent, causing them to lose confidence and feel dissatisfied with their lips. This experience was not a good one for Group.

How did you feel before deciding to re-enter the world of filler?

Truthfully, I was afraid because the previous time I had injections, it didn’t turn out as I had hoped. Even though some of it had dissolved, the group still used photos from when it was in big, noticeable lumps. Now, considering doing it again, I’m worried about how the lip shape will turn out and if it will look good. But because I really want to look beautiful, I’ve decided to give it another try.

After consulting with the doctor, did your thoughts change?

Yes, they did. I felt more at ease because the doctor explained every step of the procedure. They told me what needed to be done to achieve the desired lip shape, which facial structure suits which lip shape, and even considered our group’s personal preferences, such as liking the ‘thread-like’ lips. Although there was a previous injection with fillers that hadn’t fully dissolved yet, the doctor advised against adding more without dissolving the existing ones first, as it might not look nice. The doctor also provided additional information about different filler brands and their suitability for injections in various areas. They explained the recommended brand and the appropriate volume for lip injections in great detail, making our group understand the topic of fillers well.

What was it like during the injection process?

The injection process was surprisingly relaxing and reassuring. The attentive staff engaged in conversation, and having a mirror to monitor the progress made us comfortable. The doctor’s guidance throughout, emphasizing natural results, was reassuring. Pain was minimal, thanks to the gentle touch and effective numbing cream.

After the injections, is it difficult to go about your daily life?

After the injections, transitioning back to our daily routines was easy. Some of us had previous experience with lip fillers, which helped us navigate post-injection care. We were aware of what to avoid and had a rough estimate of the time it takes for the filler to settle before resuming normal activities and work.

Do you look better in photos?

Absolutely! It adds dimension and volume, boosting our confidence. Even photographers and people on set would say, ‘Wow, you look so much prettier now.’ Selfies with our group are now satisfying, and makeup is easier without the need to overline our lips for a fuller look.

Did the surgery impact your acting career?

Surprisingly, it didn’t as much as I anticipated. I expected a two-month hiatus from camera work but was back on TV drama sets in just one month. To my surprise, the wounds began healing within the first 3-4 days if you’re not constantly in front of the camera. The doctor had assured me that their double eyelid surgery technique allowed for makeup application within 3 days, and I was initially skeptical, but it turned out to be true. The wounds were small and smooth.

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A small, thin lips with no volume and not camera-friendly’ – this was Group’s problem.

Group Tomita,’ Miss Grand Chanthaburi 2023

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