At what age should you start Botox injections?

What are the advantages of Botox injections? When is the right age to inject? If I want to inject Botox, how should I choose a clinic? And how is filler injection different from Botox?

How can Botox injections help your face look younger?

Why are Botox injections the answer to a youthful, bright face? What skin problems does it help with? How often should Botox be injected? Ready to tell you how to take care of yourself after injection.

Does the creation of double eyelids require a specialist ophthalmologist?

Explore double eyelid surgery: Learn about the procedure, its benefits for various eyelid problems, and why choosing an ophthalmologist for double eyelid surgery is a preferred and informed decision.

Elevating Nose Surgery Excellence at La Ferly

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First filler injection What do you need to know?

Discover the transformative benefits of fillers for radiant skin! Learn how fillers work, the step-by-step process, and essential preparation for a beautiful result. Find expert guidance on selecting a trusted filler injection clinic for safe and stunning skin enhancement.

 What is Prejuvenation?

A problem that every woman must inevitably face. When does skin aging begin? Prejuvenation What are the options for regaining youthful skin? How many methods are there to delay aging at La Ferly Clinic?
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