What is liposuction? Is it unsafe?

Manage the problem of excess fat with understanding. Liposuction of accumulated fat from various parts Is it dangerous for the body to have liposuction? La Ferly How safe is the clinic?

Before adding fat (Fat Grafting) to make your skin younger, what should you know?

What is fat grafting? How can it answer the problem of youthful-looking skin? Understand the problem of aging skin caused by lifestyle.

Before getting a nose augmentation, it’s crucial to understand the different types?

Things you should know when wanting to enhance your nose to make it beautiful and suitable for your face shape. How many types of nose augmentation are there? Choose the best type of nose job to suit your needs.

Mini Eyes Lock, double eyelid technique at La Ferly. Who is it suitable for?

Choose a double eyelid clinic that meets your needs. Mini Eyes Lock, a double eyelid technique only available at La Ferly. What should you know before getting double eyelid surgery?
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