Review : Fat Grafting and Body Sculpting

Khun Panyha, another beauty queen who has gained the spotlight at the Miss Grand Thailand 2023 stage due to her participation in a debate involving beauty queens and politicians. Panaya Burali Rualk, Miss Grand Sa Kaeo 2023, is another beauty queen who has come forward to advocate for teachers’ rights to participate in beauty pageants. Additionally, she faced criticism regarding her body not conforming to conventional beauty standards.
Why did you decide to undergo fat Liposacion?

During the Miss Grand competition, it became evident that many people were discussing the lack of balanced body proportions. There was considerable praise for curvy figures, but my body had a short waist and long legs. I used to be a fitness enthusiast, particularly focusing on my waist for two years. However, I couldn’t achieve the desired curviness. The challenge was to attain a balanced figure, with a strong emphasis on a well-defined waist. I felt disheartened during that period because the photos didn’t turn out as beautiful as I’d hoped.

That’s when I met Dr. Kim at La Ferly Clinic, who stepped in to help me care for and enhance my figure. He performed fat grafting on my waist and created sexy lines (11-line), resulting in a beautiful figure with a well-defined waist. Now, everyone admires my figure, describing it as exceptionally beautiful. Furthermore, I have a natural-looking 11-line that doesn’t appear artificial. This has given me a healthy appearance, as if I’ve been working out for a long time.

Did you feel anxious before undergoing fat Liposacion?

At first, I felt anxious like anyone would, wondering if it would hurt because it was my first experience with fat grafting. The doctor and nurses were there to support and reassure me from the very beginning, starting with the consultation. Before the surgery, the doctor marked lines and designed the shape of the area where the fat would be extracted. It wasn’t until I was actually on the operating table that I fell asleep. Afterward, the fat from my abdomen was gone, and I didn’t experience the pain or fear I had initially anticipated. It was quite a pleasant surprise.

Was it difficult to recover after the fat Liposacion?

For the first 2-3 days, I didn’t feel very comfortable. There was some tightness in the abdominal area, but I could still move around normally; I just had to be a bit cautious to avoid jolting the incisions. I also had to wear compression garments 24 hours a day for the first month, as recommended by the doctor. However, after about a week, the tightness began to improve as my body gradually recovered. Wearing the compression garment became a part of my daily attire, and after a month, I only wore it at night. By the time I reached 3 months, I didn’t need to wear it anymore, and my abdomen was flat with beautiful 11 lines. It was great.

How did fat Liposacion boost your confidence in daily life?

I enjoy posting dance content on social media. Before undergoing fat grafting, I had to carefully choose clothes to hide the areas I lacked confidence in. I was hesitant to wear form-fitting or crop tops. However, after the fat grafting, my waist and neckline improved significantly. Now, I can wear whatever I like, especially when I put on a bikini at the beach. I can confidently say I feel great because my body matches my desires, and there are no visible scars. This is really important because many women are concerned about scars after surgery, but I didn’t have any after the fat grafting here. I’m very happy
Does this mean that exercise alone didn’t work?

It was challenging. Even with exercise, I couldn’t achieve the desired waist size until I relied on Dr. Kim and La Ferly Clinic to instantly enhance my figure. A great body within 2 hours!

Furthermore, you mentioned about fat Liposacion In today’s world, it’s rare to be naturally beautiful like a goddess. Most people have to undergo surgery. When considering surgery, it’s important to research the history of beauty facilities and the doctor’s personal history. In my case, La Ferly Clinic took care of excess fat. I can confidently say that it exceeded my initial expectations. Perhaps it’s because the doctor here is a true expert, with a genuine background in surgery, not a quack or fake doctor.”

Do you have any tips for self-care after fat Liposacion ?

I try to control my diet and avoid fried and fatty foods. However, if I come across my favorite foods, sometimes it’s hard to resist, just like anyone else. I eat normally even after the procedure, but I may reduce the amount of food the next day or engage in some exercise. The doctor advised that if I maintain the same eating habits as before, there is a chance that the fat may accumulate again, but it won’t accumulate as much as before. So, I see fat liposacion as a way to have a beautiful, flat abdomen, and I’m committed to maintaining it.

What would you like to say to those who are considering fat Liposacion?

I want to let you know that it might sound scary because, at first, I was afraid too. However, I want to say that it’s not as scary as you might think, and it’s not dangerous at all. Another perspective on fat liposacion is that it’s a shortcut for those who want a great body. For those who don’t have time to exercise or don’t know how to target specific areas they dislike, fat liposacion can be quite satisfying. For anyone considering fat liposacion, I encourage you to research thoroughly, including the clinic’s standards and the expertise of the physician, so that you can be beautiful safely.

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