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La Ferly Clinic is a hospital-standard beauty enhancement clinic that provides close and detail-oriented care. It is overseen by Dr. Kittitad Sinpipatporn (Dr.Kim ) and a team of highly experienced medical professionals. The operating rooms and state-of-the-art medical equipment ensure patient safety is of utmost importance.

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Dr. Kittitad Sinpipatporn, known as Dr. Kim, founded La Ferly Clinic as part of La Pera (2020) Limited, driven by his passion for specialized body contouring surgery, which he discovered during his medical education at Chulalongkorn University. He pursued this passion in South Korea, immersing himself in the latest liposuction and fat grafting innovations, aiming to excel as a specialist in the field.

Upon his return from South Korea, Dr. Kittitad Sinpipatporn (Dr. Kim) brought back a wealth of knowledge, advanced techniques, and invaluable experiences, which he applied to transform the physical appearances of over 20,000 Thai individuals. It was this extensive experience that inspired him to embark on his own successful venture.

Dr. Kim, with his South Korean experience, has honed expertise in body contouring and personalized facial design, aiming to bring advanced liposuction and fat grafting techniques to Thailand for the benefit of his patients’ satisfaction. Dr. Kim is resolutely committed to prioritizing safety in the pursuit of beauty. To that end, he established a beauty clinic that upholds the same stringent standards as private hospitals. The clinic boasts state-of-the-art and efficient facilities, ensuring full compliance with safety protocols for patients. It also has a comprehensive first aid system in place, aligning with the Ministry of Public Health’s guidelines. The inaugural branch of La Ferly Clinic was founded in 2020 in Rangsit Klong 2, Pathum Thani Province. In 2022, in response to a growing clientele, La Ferly Clinic expanded with its second branch in Sutthisan Winitchai, Bangkok.

Indeed, as previously mentioned, Dr. Kim’s experience and expertise have earned him significant recognition and trust among a substantial client base. This has resulted in the swift expansion of La Ferly Clinic in a mere two-year period. All of these factors affirm that La Ferly Clinic is a facility of high standards, well-equipped to meet the needs of its clients. Under the leadership of Dr. Kim, the future holds even more promise for the continued growth and advancement of La Ferly Clinic.

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