Before adding fat (Fat Grafting) to make your skin younger, what should you know?

What is fat grafting? How can it answer the problem of youthful-looking skin? Understand the problem of aging skin caused by lifestyle.

The truth of the skin as we age.

As age begins to increase What almost every woman must accept is the fact that youthfulness has a chance to fade with time, and wrinkles begin to appear and cause distress. For scientific reasons regarding the changes in the body as we age. whether the strength and elasticity of the skin is reduced The subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner and becomes easily scratched. Both sebum production is reduced, causing the skin to become drier, causing wrinkles and dark spots to appear as normal. This fact of skin aging has caused many people to pay attention to facial skin problems and look for ways to slow down the aging process of the skin in order to prolong the period of youthfulness with us.

What are 5 factors that make your skin age easily?

No matter how well you take care of your facial skinBut nearby villains may destroy the health of the skin and cause it to deteriorate prematurely. The main causes of easily aging skin are often caused by lifestyle and living habits, including:

  1. Smoking nicotine affects the cells in the body. It destroys collagen and fibers in the skin. Resulting in sagging, wrinkles, and also making the face look dull and thin.
  2. Unhealthy foods, such as foods high in sugar or various simple carbohydrates He is also an old culprit.
  3. Excessive alcohol consumption contributes to dehydration of the skin. Harm the skin until it ages
  4. Sleep health: The less you sleep, the less sleep you have. Body cells only age faster.
  5. Stress: The brain releases the hormone Cortisal as soon as there is something stressful. This stress hormone inhibits hyaluronan synthase and collagen, which help make the skin look firm and bright.

How to take care of your skin so it doesn’t age ?

Ways to care for your skin to stay youthful for a long time is to adjust one’s own behavior. Avoid habits that harm your skin. Either by avoiding strong sunlight Apply sunscreen regularly. Reduce and quit smoking. Eat useful fruits and vegetables. Drink less alcohol Exercise more And manage stress by trying to get a full night’s sleep. along with always taking care of the skin To slow down the deterioration of the skin. Including choosing to rely on medical technology by reversing aging to make the skin look younger by adding fat to the skin. It can repair wrinkles. It can also increase skin firmness.

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure where excess fat is taken from areas like the belly or thighs and transplanted into areas that need filling, improving smoothness and firmness. This results in plump, youthful skin, making you look younger.

What does adding fat help with?

As we all know, with increasing age comes the deterioration of the body as well. The skin that used to be The key to adding fat to the skin is to increase youthful weight, making the skin look radiant and firm naturally for a younger appearance, for example:

  • Add to reduce cheekbones
  • Add fat to increase hip proportions to get a clock shape figure.
  • Repairs wrinkles and scars
  • Add fat to solve the problem of a sagging face, looking older than your age.

What is Fat grafting?

Adding fat consists of 3 main steps:

  1. Liposuction procedure After receiving anesthesia, the surgeon will open a small wound into the skin to insert a small tube to suck out a certain amount of fat. Then the wound will be sutured.
  2. Steps for preparing fat With specific tools so that the stored fat can be used.
  3. Steps to add fat by fat injectionquantityLittle goes into areas that need replenishment.

After the fat grafting procedure, How long does it take to recover?

The fat grafting procedure can be completed in a matter of hours. This allows fat graft recipients to be able to go home immediately. There is no need to lie down and recuperate. This depends on the area that received fat grafting. It is important to strictly follow your doctor’s recommended self-care routine to reduce the risk of an unfavorable outcome.

How should I take care of myself during recovery after fat grafting?

  1. Avoid putting weight on your face. Including facial massage during the first month to prevent the added stem cell fat from being disturbed. and increase the opportunity for full fat cells to grow well
  2. The skin should not be exposed to direct heat. Because it will cause the added fat to break down faster than normal.
  3. During the first 14 – 30 days you should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. To allow fat to grow normally
  4. Exercising hard and strenuously during the first 2-3 months may affect the breakdown of fat. The best way is to avoid it.
  5. You should follow your doctor’s instructions for wearing compression garments for the appropriate amount of time.
  6. Fermented and uncooked foods or semi-cooked or raw May result in inflammation. Should refrain from eating during the first month.
  7. The fat-filled area should not be exposed to water for the first 24 hours. Also, take care of the cleanliness of the wound area. And avoid exposing the wound to water for at least 7 more days.
  8. Adjust your sleeping habits by sleeping with your head raised for about 3-5 days.
  9. The swelling and bruising can be relieved by compressing with ice for 1-2 minutes only. It is not recommended to compress for a long time. Because it will affect the added fat.
  10. If there are abnormal symptoms You should see a doctor immediately.

Fat Grafting with Dr. Kim. La Ferly How safe is the clinic?

La Ferly Clinic Received quasi-hospital standards, has an operating room and equipment that meets international standards. Supervised by a team of doctors who are directly skilled in liposuction with more than 15,000++ cases of liposuction experience and have been trained in liposuction from Korea, which is number 1 in surgery. In addition, medical equipment and products can be inspected. along with a team of doctors knowledgeable about innovative use of medical equipment Including modern liposuction techniques based on safety. and satisfaction of service recipients

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