Before getting a nose augmentation, it’s crucial to understand the different types?

Things you should know when wanting to enhance your nose to make it beautiful and suitable for your face shape. How many types of nose augmentation are there? Choose the best type of nose job to suit your needs.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty It is a surgical procedure to adjust the structure of the nose to achieve a more satisfactory nose shape. Either by adjusting the size of the nose or correcting the original structure, such as a low nose bridge or wide nose wings. To have a new shape that is more balanced and more suitable to the facial outline. Including solving nose shape problems that are an obstacle to confidence, such as a curved or crooked nose bridge. The tip of the nose is large or hooked. Uneven nostrils Deviated nasal septum including a crooked or tilted nose To get a new nose shape that is more proportionate and beautiful to the overall face.

Rhinoplasty at La Ferly Clinic A skilled surgeon will assess your physical health and the appearance of your nose, such as the thickness of your nasal tissue. Including measuring the shape of the face. To ensure that service recipients will receive nose augmentation that is safe, up to standard, and most suitable for the face.

How many types of nose surgery are there? What methods can I use to enhance my nose?

How to enhance your nose with plastic surgeryIt depends on the original structure of the nose. After evaluating the original shape and current nose problems An expert surgeon will determine the appropriate method of incision to ensure the most desired results. Currently, nose surgery can be performed using the following methods:

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty It is a popular surgical method for rhinoplasty and nose reshaping.Tall, natural Emphasis is placed on adjusting the shape of the nose that is already straight to make it look high, with a raised nose tip. The closed rhinoplasty is the least complicated compared to other rhinoplasty methods. Therefore, it is suitable for the shape of the nose that has a reasonable amount of nose tissue.

Closed rhinoplasty procedure surgeon incision will be made inside one nostril. To add silicone to the tip of the nose. Most surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the difficulty of the case. With a short surgery time and a simple procedure The

Closed rhinoplasty procedure surgeon incision will be made inside one nostril. To add silicone to the tip of the nose. Most surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the difficulty of the case. With a short surgery time and a simple procedure The bruising and swelling of the wound is therefore less than other types of rhinoplasty. This allows for a quick recovery time within at least 1 week without leaving any scar marks.

Open Rhinoplasty (Open Rhinoplasty)

Open rhinoplasty It is a method of rhinoplasty and nose reshaping surgery that is the answer to cases where the nose has problems with an asymmetrical structure. Whether it’s a crooked, slanted or crooked nose problem, you can also increase the length of your nose for short nose problems. This includes cases where the client wants the nose to be higher or more prominent but there is too little nose tissue. Open rhinoplasty can help you achieve the desired high nose shape by reducing the risk of thin nose tissue or a perforated nose in the future.

Highlights of Open rhinoplasty procedureThis is when the surgeon makes an incision to clearly show the entire nose structure. Can solve nose shape problems comprehensively and directly Choose from many styles of nose surgery. Including the use of other bones such as the bone behind the ear or tissue. Come help enhance the work of silicone.

Semi Open Rhinoplasty

Semi-open rhinoplasty It is a method of rhinoplasty and nose reshaping by opening a space in the nasal tissue using the semi-Open technique, so that the surgeon can precisely open the space for inserting silicone nose implants. Reduce the chance of problems with silicone becoming distorted.

Petite Recon It is a Semi Open nose augmentation technique, a technique only available at La Furly.clinicIt is a technique for rhinoplasty to create a naturally high nose shape by sewing the interdome or sewing the tip of the nose from the inside to help make the nose smaller and slimmer, which is suitable for people with a lot of nose tissue, a pink nose shape, and the wound will stay. in the nostrils Either on the left or on the right The wound size is only about 1-2 centimeters. Suitable for people who already have nose tissue. and has a relatively straight nose base, not too tilted

How to prepare before getting a nose job?

beforeShould you undergo nose surgery?Be prepared for your health.It is very important to ensure that the post-surgery results are as expected and that the procedure is carried out safely. By preparing medical history, such as the history of previous surgeries. Medicines you take regularly including existing congenital diseases In addition, taking care of yourself regarding food should not be neglected. Avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen at least 2 weeks before surgery. Including refraining from smoking as it may cause the surgical wound to heal more slowly.

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